Mani & Pedi Services

Classic (Mani - $27) (Pedi - $44)
We will shape your nails, care for your cuticles. To finish, you choose either a high-buff shine or a perfect application of non-toxic nail polish (free of toluene, formaldehyde or phtialates).
Good signature (Mani - $43) (Pedi - $60)
Uses thermotherapy method to relieves any stiffness and soreness of muscles & Rejuvenates dry and rough skin
Gel / Shellac (Mani - $44) (Pedi - $64)
Express (Mani - $20) (Pedi - $34)
Kids (9 and under) (Mani - $20) (Pedi - $30)
Purissima spa (Mani - $65) (Pedi - $125)
Certified organic care treatment / uses therapeutic to create radiant, healthy, glowing, and smooth skin / The essential oil from aromatherapy promotes metabolism and blood circulation / Recover from swollen hands and feet / Fragrance stimulates digestion / Relaxes mental and physical exhaustion.
Silky milk spa (Pedi - $100)
​Naturally occurring beta-hydroxy acids / Excellent skin exfoliation for newer, more vibrant skin / Enjoy the extraordinary skin-improving benefits of milk
Green tea spa (Pedi - $88)
​Includes 5-8 times the amount of Vitamin C than a lemon / Large amounts of Tocopherol and amino acid / Anti-bacterial & Disinfection / Maintains elasticity
Honey spa (Pedi - $60)
​Includes Multi-Vitamins & Enzymes to speed up the metabolic process / Cleans & Moisturizes and balances oil and water / Restores temperature for cold feet / maintains stability
Prenatal spa (Pedi - $100)
Relaxing relief for mothers-to-be! Our Pregnancy Pedicure helps to eliminate excess fluids, reduce swelling, and soothe soreness. We smooth skin with a scrub, condition nails and cuticles, and release stress with a specialized massage to target any areas of discomfort. You will leave feeling balanced and revitalized.